How to design your CV so that you get selected for Cabin Crew Interviews

How Would Your Life Change If You Get Your Dream Job in Your Dream Airline? 

Take 10 seconds to imagine your dream job with your dream airline


Enjoying the perks of free travel and glamorous lifestyle without depending on parents..

Earning more than all your friends in your peer group..

Have a career that you are passionate about..

Your ambitions are real and you are truly dedicated BUT

Does your CV look like this?











Are you making these 5 mistakes in your CV?


  • Preparing a CV with an objective to land a job


  • Updating your CV only when you acquire a new skill or experience


  • Using your CV to describe your work experience


  • Making your CV impressive by adding fancy fonts & graphs especially when you don’t have any relevant experience


  • Googling “how to make Cabin Crew CV” every time you get rejected but ending up with same results 


To be fair, you might have spent several hours creating your CV. If you are like most people then you would have spent anywhere between 2 to 10 days trying to create a best CV for yourself.

You might have asked friends for suggestions. Approached someone who was better at English to get your CV edited.

You might even have Googled, “what goes in CV?” and used Ms Word templates to make your CV look beautiful.

But what has been the result?


And then you get depressed...

You start thinking that the world is unfair and other people get better jobs because they have better references in the company. Instead of owning your own mistakes, you start blaming the system and calling other people lucky.

One of the biggest hurdles individuals face when they are applying for Cabin Crew Jobs is that their

CV never gets selected.

As a result, they don't even get the opportunity to showcase their personality and their strengths to the interviewers and prove that they are capable to become Cabin Crew.

In last 8 years, in my role as a Cabin Crew & Cabin Crew Trainer with Singapore Airlines & also as a Cabin Crew Interview Coach with Success Talks, I have gone through 100’s of CV both by fresh graduates with no work experience and by those who have been working for a few years.

This has helped me to experience job application process from both sides of the table – as an employer and an applicant. And that is why this course has been designed personally with my ultimate expertise

Who is this course for?

  • Aspiring cabin crew with No, Minimal or Few Years of work experience looking for to land their dream job with a local or international airlines

  • Cabin Crew Professionals with experience looking to switch careers  to join their dream local or international airlines 






In this course consisting of 1.5 hours of self paced online videos, you will learn


  • 3 Unique Tools, to align your winning skills to the airline that you are applying for 


  • 9 Powerful Strategies, to make your CV content impressive (Personal Summary to Personal Interests) to get the interviewers attention 


  • 4 Smart tactics, to make your work experience stand out even if you don’t have any relevant experience


  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid, that is resulting in rejection of your online application  



At the end of this course depending upon the package you sign up for,

you will

  • Self - Generate your Ready To Print ATS approved CV / CVs for the all the airlines you are applying for


  • Test your CV using a CV Parser


  • Receive Ready To Print ATS approved Cover Letter Prepared by Nidhi Belani


  • Receive Photo Guidelines Checklist 


  • Receive Photo Assessment of 1 Full Length and 1 Passport Sized Photo

  • Receive Online Application Checklist 

  • Receive Phone Interview Guidelines Checklist

  • Receive Video Interview Guidelines Checklist

  • Receive Email Consulting (1 Month) or 1-1 Personalised CV Review & Customisation Session with

       Nidhi Belani

  • Receive 6 Real Sample CVs - 3 Fresher & 3 Experienced Candidates

  • Receive 1-1 Orientation Call

This is what my students have to say








































I have kept nothing back.

I have included my best psychological insights, decade of experience & knowledge of the aviation industry that only employers know, which now you can use to make your CV go from an Average CV to Get Selected CV! 


Don’t let your CV come in the way of you and your dreams

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