What if you can become a Cabin Crew tomorrow even with scars, even when you don’t have perfectly straight teeth and even when you are not confident in answering all the interview questions perfectly?

  • You’ll be earning a good salary

  • Be able to travel the world for free

  • Stay in Luxury Hotels

  • Develop your personality and communications skills

  • And most importantly, you will get to live your childhood dream that you’ve held on for years


Well, that’s what happens when you follow the program that I created after 10 years working in Singapore Airlines as a Cabin Crew and 7 years as a Trainer of New Cabin Crew Candidates


And the first thing you need to work on, is your CV




Dear Future Cabin Crew, 


  • If you’d like to spend this time during COVID-19 to prepare well for your Cabin Crew interview, this letter is for you


  • If you have negative beliefs about yourself, then this course is made for you


  • If you are afraid of the tough competition and you find it hard to get past the scary interviewers, this is the best option for you


  • If you do not have a proper CV to become a future cabin crew, this program will save your life


  • If you would like to gain confidence and work on your communication skills, then I’ve got something really special for you





How to prepare an outstanding CV for a Cabin Crew Career



It’s a course that contains all the preparation guidelines effective for every cabin crew candidate


It is a step by step topic that shows you what needs to be included in your CV


It is a straight to the point explanation of what you should include and what you should not, as well as the ‘why’ behind each point


It is prepared in simple and basic english for everyone to understand 


It has all the materials and resources required to help you succeed, including sample CVs of my past students that have gotten selected


Best of all, you can do it on your own time and your own pace


The focus of the program is making sure that you get selected and invited to an interview to become a cabin crew. This course prepares you for that and if you follow the steps I’ve listed out in this course, you stand a high chance that recruiters immediately call you for an interview once airlines start hiring again


By the time you finish this program, you will be able to:


  • Package yourself better based on your education and experiences

  • Your CV will appear more credible and stand out from the rest of the applicants

  • Impress the recruiters without even having met them in person 



This program was designed for cabin crew aspirants like you who wants to make their childhood dream a reality and become an inspiration to others in your community


Here are some rave reviews I have had about my course



Who am I?


Hi, I am Nidhi Belani and I am an ex-SIA Cabin Crew and ex-Trainer of SIA


Back in 2007, I was inspired by my sister to become a Cabin Crew as she joined Air India and lived the life I could only dream of.


I applied to different airlines, but I would always get rejected


Some would give feedback such as 


“You’re too overconfident”


Whereas some won’t even say why I failed the interview


And over time, I was getting dejected and desperate


My confidence was shattered.....


I knew I was making some mistakes, but I didn’t know what to do


One day, I confided my problems to my mother, and she encouraged me to not give up

She told me to practice in front of the mirror until I felt confident again


I started doing this daily, and slowly, but surely, I was making progress


My confidence levels increased!


My body language changed!


My smile became wider and brighter!


And I managed to clinch the job with one of the top International airlines in the world


Singapore Airlines!!!


And over a short period of time, I was promoted very quickly


And I had the privilege of recruiting cabin crew for Singapore Airlines for over 5 years


Today, I want to give back to the community by coaching cabin crew aspirants to get their dream job.


If it is your childhood dream to become a cabin crew,


If it is your childhood dream to travel the world


If it is your childhood dream to meet new people and improve your personality, 



Then I want to coach you to get there without any of the rejections


I want to show you the step by step method to becoming the best version of yourself so that you can get selected as a cabin crew for your dream airline


And that’s why I started Success Talks, which focuses on helping you to get closer to your dream job through the coaching and courses that I create

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside: 


  • How to leverage your unique background to impress your interviewers through your CV (without sacrificing what you stand for or changing your personality)

  • The simple way to organise your CV so that interviewers immediately know you are a good fit for the team

  • Discover the 3 unique tools to align your winning skills to the dream airline you are applying for

  • Implement the 9 powerful strategies to make your CV content impressive to the interviewer

  • Avoid the 5 critical mistakes to avoid that 98% of applicants make - which gets them rejected!

  • Harness the 4 smart tactics to make you stand out even if you don’t have relevant work experience

  • How to test your CV using a CV parser

  • How to self generate your Ready to Print, ATS Approved CV for any airline














Bonuses for this advanced deal include: 


  • 1-1 Orientation Call

  • Online Application Checklist 

  • Phone Interview Checklist

  • Video Interview Checklist

  • Photo Guidelines Checklist to look your best

  • Photo Assessment of 1 Full Length and 1 Passport Sized Photo

  • 6 Sample CVs - 3 Fresher + 3 Experienced Candidates

  • Email Consulting 1 month or 1-1 Personalised CV Review& Customisation





Now is the best time to prepare for your Cabin Crew Interview


Airlines may not be hiring now…but if they were to give you an interview tomorrow, will your CV stand out from the rest? Will you get called up for the interview?


This is your chance to tap into one of the best careers in the world today. 

Rave Reviews

If you prefer bank transfer, email us at info@nidhi-belani.com
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