does this sound like you?

Are you an individual who wants to become a Cabin Crew, but is struggling to hear back from the airlines you applied to?


Or are you struggling with clearing the various interview stages and getting selected by an international airline...because you lack the confidence or communication skills?


I know how that feels. And I can assure you…


  • if you feel that you lack the necessary communication skills to ace the interview

  • If you are worried about the crazy competition for this specific type of job

  • And especially if you are concerned about your overall lack of confidence to clear these interviews,


…then you’ve arrived at the perfect place, and this site is for you.


Well, I’ve got a few questions for you

Have you ever wondered, what will happen if you continue to apply for interviews without getting any practice and feedback?

  • Your CV doesn’t generate any interest and you don’t hear back from the airline

  • You become unable to think clearly under pressure and stressful situations when asked questions

  • You blabber when you get asked difficult questions and your confidence and personality doesn’t shine through

  • You don’t know if your appearance (eyesight, skin, scars etc) is affecting your chances of getting selected


And as a result, you feel hopeless, feel even more anxious for your next interview because you have been rejected before and slowly it develops into a kind of depression when you realise you can’t get selected as a Cabin Crew. 

And can you imagine how would life change, if you were selected as a Cabin Crew for an International Airline?

For example,


• You could be traveling the world - for free! 

• You could be bringing your loved ones around the world 

• You could be staying in top star hotels and enjoy such amenities  for free 

• You could be learning people skills and developing your personality to a whole new level

• You could be financially better off at a whole new level with stable income 

• You could be shopping all over the world without depending on your better half for financial support

• You could be absorbing the cultures as you meet different people from different walks of life 

• You could be way ahead of your peers, with your travel experience and ability to meet people of all cultures, all around the world.

Hi! My name is Nidhi Belani, and I help “aspiring cabin crew” to clear all the interview stages as simply and easily as possible. If that’s you, this means you can have more clarity, more confidence and survive any kind of competition without breaking a sweat.

Currently, I have over 20,000 subscribers on Youtube and 25,000 followers on Instagram - check out my video below to learn more about me!


AND I Got promoted to a leading stewardess in record time of 5 years!

rank trainer (6yrs)

Putting my experience to use by training colleagues


I worked at a BPO as my first job after my graduation...

and it sucked

Because of the 

  • Low Pay

  • Long Working Hours

  • Poor Bonuses

  • Stressful Working Environments

  • Difficulty in getting promotions due to competition and backstabbing

And it was around that time when my sister got selected for Cabin Crew which made me wonder if I could also qualify...

Because the lifestyle was so awesome!

The travelling, the shopping, the continuous learning of skills, the mixing with different people - it really has shaped my personality and the person I am today.

But it wasn't easy for me too.

I was rejected multiple times because I thought I was

  • too dark to be a Cabin Crew and I won't qualify because of my skin colour

  • Overconfident in some interviews and Under confident in some interviews because I couldn't find the right balance

  • I wasn't using the right words that I should have been using which they expected

  • I had very little grooming knowledge and expertise 

  • lost as well - there was no coaching programs to help cabin crew aspirants back then!

introducing... my 5 c's framework

These are the 5 components that I have identified which helps my coaching clientele get selected over and over and over again.

When you go through these 5 components with us in our coaching program, you can be damn sure that you stand the highest chance of being selected amongst all the other candidates in that interview room.

And I have results to back this up...

Here's what my clients have to say

I have way too many testimonials to put them up here...but if you wanna read more you can always go to my Instagram and YouTube pages to read those

How can I drastically increase my chances of getting selected as a Cabin Crew for an International Airline?

The way I see it, you only really have two options:

Option #1: “Figure It Out"

You’ll have a lot to figure out

And it can cost tens of thousands of dollars…but money aside, it’s also going to cost you the most precious resource of all…TIME

You’ll have to figure out who’s telling the truth…and who’s not.


You’ll have to bleed (as they say) from getting rejected and learn how to portray yourself during interviews so that you become the candidate they have always been looking for

And sure, maybe after ten or twenty rejections, you may get it “right”

I don’t know about you, but when I wanted to get selected by a top international airline, I knew I didn’t have time

I wanted to get a plan into action fast…


And that leads me to: 

Option #2: Let me help you

Get the practice and coaching that you need to become a top candidate 

So if you’re really committed to clearing all your interview rounds and becoming a cabin crew in a top international airline, to live life to the fullest, to travel the world, to meet new people and learn their cultures, then the next step to do is to fill in the detailed form below.


Once you fill in the form, you will get an email to book a Strategy Call with me for 1 hour.


In this strategy call, I will share the exact steps you need to take to clear those interviews.

Does that sound good?


Cool, because here’s something you need to know


This is NOT for you if …


  • You haven’t even applied for a Cabin Crew Interview yet (start applying, what are you waiting for?)

  • You are not willing to put in the hard work to unlearn, learn and relearn how you present yourself

  • You are expecting a get-selected-quick strategy or scheme. There is no shortcut to this. You need to put in the hard work. I don’t believe in shortcuts and I will not advocate it to anyone I know.


Last but not least,


My Promise to you


If during the call, you find that you have not received any value, then let me know on the call and I will write you a cheque of $50 to make up for the time you lost


So go ahead, fill up that form and see you for the strategy call!

Strategy Call
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